Mayde Tea Branded Tea Infuser

Mayde Tea Branded Tea Infuser

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The Mayde Tea Branded Infuser comes with a lid for a very important purpose. That is when you add boiling water to a herbal tea containing volatile oils, (volatile oils are the part of the plant with the medicinal benefit) they can evaporate with the steam.

  • Single cup tea infuser, or fits most teapots.

How to use the Branded Tea Infuser

  • Place the single cup infuser in your mug of choice.
  • Put one serve of tea into the infuser
  • Fill the mug up with hot water, saturating all of the tea. (Please check appropriate temperature for the tea you are using- not all should be 100 degrees!)
  • Place the lid on the infuser and let steep for the time stated on the brewing instructions
  • Take the lid off and place next to the mug upside-down. Lift out the infuser and place it into the lid to prevent dripping tea on your table.
  • Store the tea infuser within the canister